Workplace Safety Automation That Works Wonders

Employee safety isn't just a legal requirement. It's a core responsibility employers take seriously. In a world with ever-increasing threats, organizations need an active safety automation suite which detects health threats, alerts administrators and gives them the tools to respond quickly.

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Reduce Illness-Related Absenteeism
Send Emergency Alerts Easily
Faster Return to Work
Save by Automating Manual Processes
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Protect the Workplace and Reduce Workloads for HR, Safety & Operations Teams

Protect the workplace: You've got physical and fire safety covered, but modern threats are. Protecting employees from health threats in the workplace requires strict screening protocols, but these can be challenging to implement.

Prepare for emergencies: Whether it's a natural or man-made disaster, you can mitigate the worst impacts and lessen your liability with an emergency response plan. But, do your operations teams actually have the response protocols and tools ready when an emergency arises?
Reach everyone, instantly: In a world where, at any given moment, employees can be in the office, at home or working two time zones away, you need a way to reach everyone quickly, reliably and easily.
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Protect Employees from Health Threats and Respond Effectively to Workplace Emergencies

The all-in-one solution which automates workplace safety, illness management, emergency preparedness and incident response.

Employee Screening

Monitor employee health and shield the workplace from viral outbreaks

Visitor Screening

Capture health declarations from visitors with a virtual kiosk solution


Easily Capture, Verify & Securely Store Employee Test Records


Collect, Verify & Store Employee Vaccination Records


Automate compliance with workplace testing and vaccination policies

Capture Health Declarations from Visitors with a Virtual Kiosk Solution

Track Traffic & Register Visitors Who Arrive at Any of Your Locations
Digital Visitor Registration Kiosk
Deploy kiosks to register visitors upon entry to each workplace
QR-Code Based
Post provided QR codes at workplace location entrances and enable visitors to self-register
Customizable Registration Form
Determine what visitor information you want to capture
Monitor Each Location
Create separate Mobile visitor registration kiosks
Automatic Badging
Verified employees get an immediate badge they can display upon entry
Registration Memory
Already registered employees can bypass registration upon re-entry as the system remembers them
Instant Visitor Clearance
Allow visitors who meet your health declaration and clearance protocols to enter automatically
Capture & Store Visitor Records
Visitor name and contact details are securely stored for future use
Track Visits by Location
See how many visitors register at each location in the Wellness Central Dashboard
Bulk Message Visitors
If you need to message visitors, simply select them and send them a canned or custom message
Export Visitor Logs
Security teams can export visitor logs in CSV format

Less Work. Healthier Employees.

Reduced Absenteeism

Setup and automate enforcement of screening policies which ensure sick employees do not spread illnesses to their colleagues in the workplace

Faster Return to Work

Go from instant detection to rapid support so employees can get the care they need, recover faster and reduce time away from work duties

Lower Risk & Liability

Empower operations teams to tackle health and safety incidents collaboratively, while complying with organizational policies

Easily Capture, Verify & Securely Store Employee Test Records

Employee Testing, Made Easy through Automation
Self-Serve: Offer Self-Serve Tools for Employees to Submit Test Results
Centralize Health Records: Collect, Verify & Securely Store Employee Test Records
Monitor COVID Levels: Track Positivity Rates Across Locations, Departments & Individuals
Real-Time Alerts: Create customizable alerts and get notified when health incidents are reported
Get Employees Back Faster: Control Employee Clearance Status Based on Test Outcome
Reduce Employee Workload: Automated workflows reduce administrative and logistical overhead.

Automated Employee Immunization Status Management

Collect & Manage Employee Vaccination Records & Exemption Requests
Capture Employee Vaccinations: Employees electronically submit their vaccination records through the employee wellness mobile app
Verify Vaccination Records Manually: Uploaded immunity certificates can be easily verified on an individual bases by administrators.
Handle Exemptions: Employees can request exemptions, provide reasons and proof/documents electronically.
Auto Verify Vaccination Records: Uploaded immunity certificates can be rapidly verified in batch without administrator involvement.
Digitize Vaccination Records for Secure Storage: Convert, encrypt and securely store electronic vaccination records for compliance or liability purposes
Customizable Vaccination Rules: Determine doses, vaccine types and waiting periods which match your health policies.

Automate Compliance with Workplace Testing and Vaccination Policies

Put compliance with health and safety regulations on autopilot.
Define Compliance Rules: Determine and set workplace safety policies which you need the organization to comply with
Enable Self-Serve Submissions: Employees can submit health records or exemption requests via the mobile app, including proof or documentation
Simplified Policy Enforcement: The system keeps track of everyone’s compliance status and helps administrators find those who are not following company guidelines
Compliance Status Reports: Stay in the know about the compliance status by individual, department and location
Handle Exemptions: Review and approve/deny exemption requests from employees

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