An Easy-to-Deploy Platform Which Your Employees Will Love

We built our platform with amazing capabilities to ensure you are up and running within days, not weeks or months.
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Truly Enterprise Grade

Meet the people management platform built to meet the demands of the emerging workplace and the rigours of securely managing tens of thousands of employees across multiple time zones.

Built for Scale

Our solution is built to automatically expand as your team size, needs and usage grows. Get the scale without the infrastructure costs.

Fully Customizable

From labels in the dashboard to custom locations and departments, our platform adapts to your organization's unique needs.


Some employees want more childcare support, while others want a gym membership. You can now offer both exactly what they want.

Configurable Policy Engine

Set up your custom workplace safety and wellness policies, schedules and rules with a few clicks.


Our platform natively supports English, French & Spanish in both the mobile apps as well as Wellness Central.

Data Sovereignty

Privacy laws dictate where and how health data is stored. We ensure compliance by storing information in different geographies.

Workflow Automation

Built-in process automation saves your HR and Operations teams hundreds of hours of tedious, manual repetitive administrative tasks.

Real-time Dashboard

Administrators always have up-to-the minute analytics and insights about all aspects of employee wellness.

Easy, Fast Deployment

A seamless provisioning process includes employee auto-enrolment, ensuring you are up and running in days, not weeks.

Administrator Alerts

Setup configurable alerts so you are always aware of critical incidents which impact employee health, wellness and safety.

Scheduled Reports

If you prefer to have reports generated and sent to you and your fellow administrators, we have you covered.

Multiple Permission Levels

Create user roles for administrators and executive leaders, while controlling who has access to information and management tools.

Modular Design

Only enable modules you are going to use and disable the rest to simplify the user experience for administrators.

Data Export

Export test results, vaccination data and visitor logs if you need to import them to other systems.

Custom Consent Policy

Enter a counsel-approved informed consent policy, which employees can accept when they enrol.

Everything to Get You Up & Running in a Few Days

Workforce Wellness is an end-to-end solution which includes all the components enterprises need to modernize the most important aspects of people management: wellness, flexibility and safety.

Four Pillars. One Platform.

Wellness Central is your window into the real-time status of every employee. With the Wellness App, access to a wide range of benefits and services is instantly available to employees. The Wellness Marketplace offers HR teams the ability to source, purchase and enable a wide variety of employee services with a few clicks.
wellness central for administrators

All Your Employee Health, Wellbeing & Safety Data, Securely Stored in one Place

Wellness Central is a secure dashboard which gives you an up-to-the minute view on all aspects of employee wellness.
Analytics: Leadership teams get access to insights, trends and metrics so they can make better, data-driven decisions.
Tools: Clear employees, capture health records or send broadcasts--all with ease and without training.
Roles: Set up your installation exactly as you want by creating multiple roles.
wellness app for employees

Deliver a Personalized Employee Wellness Experience for Everyone

The Wellness App for Teams gives all your employees instant access to the wellness services they value most.
Many ways to access: Employees have multiple options to access our service, including: Android, iOS or Web versions.
Self onboarding: Getting everyone onboarded could not be simpler. Send out an email with one link and employees enrol themselves.
a world of wellness provider options

Find All the Services Your Employees Need in One Place.

Easy-as-pie procurement of wellness services from the best providers at competitive prices.
Easy to Subscribe: Enabling a new wellness service for your employees could not be easier.
Easy to Provision: After you've subscribed, enable the service for one/multiple/all your employees.
Personalized Benefits: Save by offering employees just the benefits they need and stop paying for unused services.
secure, scalable infrastructure

No Need for an IT Team, Software Licenses or Storage Fees

Like other cloud-based SaaS service, you can deploy our solution with no technology investment or integration. Subscription fees include all storage and transmission fees.
Interoperable: We are able to support LDAP integrations with your company directory services.
Secure: All private health data in our cloud is encrypted at rest and in transit.
We run on GCP: Our platform is powered by Google's secure, scalable cloud infrastructure, purpose-built for digital health applications.

The Protection of Data and Respecting Everyone's Right to Privacy is a Core Value

We believe in the fundamental right to privacy for everyone and exceed most industry standards built to protect health and PII data.


We meet (and exceed) the current HIPAA Compliance standards.


We comply with Canadian legislation for obtaining consent for PII collection.

Independently Audited

We are regularly subjected to independent security & privacy audits.

Multiple Layers of Security

In addition to the various physical and digital security features provided by Google Cloud Platform, our platform leverages numerous best practices to ensure employee data is kept secure.
Employees can secure the mobile app with using biometric security or a pin
Administrators can secure their access to Wellness Central with 2-Factor Authentication
Wellness Central automatically logs users out if it detects no activity
Private information is automatically masked from view
All user data is encrypted at rest, in transit and on the employee smartphone
Each login requires a unique one time pin (OTP) to verify users

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