Meet Employee Demands for Greater Flexibility in How Work Gets Done

Employees are expecting more flexibility in how, where and when they work. When implemented well, flexible work can significantly improve employee productivity, wellbeing and retention. We can help you make the shift to flexible work, maintain visibility and accountability without compromising employee privacy.

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Adapt to a Hybrid Workplace Which Increases Team Output, Retention & Wellness

Changing Employee Expectations: According to a recent survey of 32,000 employees across the globe, two thirds said they would seek out a new job if they weren't offered greater flexibility in where, when and how they work.

Maintaining Visibility: HR & Operations teams need to keep track of employee schedules, work locations, output and need for support, especially as more work happens outside the formal workplace.

Ensuring Accountability: As organizations offer more flexibility, leadership teams run the risk of creating a workplace culture that lacks accountability, ultimately leading to disconnected and disengaged employees.

The Facts on Flexibility

find remote work more productive
would quit for more flexibility
workers can do their work from home

The Smarter Way to Manage a Flexible Workplace

The all-in-one solution to help you transition to, and effectively manage a flexible workplace.

Schedule & Presence

Capture & track employee schedules and ensure accountability to colleagues, managers and employees.


Measure employee effectiveness across multiple dimensions, like focus, autonomy and empowerment.


Instantly send alerts, reminders or emergency messages to employees via SMS, email and in-app notifications.


Measure employee alignment with corporate values, trust in leadership and excitement about the future.


Gauge how motivated and committed employees are to achieving your organization's mission.

Stay Connected With Employees Even as They Disconnect From the Workplace

To manage teams in flexible work environments, leadership teams need accurate, actionable, easy-to-understand metrics and insights to make better decisions. That's what we deliver.
Employees submit & maintain their own schedules
Make better workplace policies by understanding when and where employees are working
Offer employees support services as they adapt to hybrid or remote work arrangements
Intuitive, free employee mobile app keeps employees connected and engaged

Transition to Hybrid Work, While Maintaining Accountability & Visibility

Customize Organization-wide or Location-Specific Work Days & Hours

Set Work Schedule: Set your office hours so employees are aware of availability expectations
Different Hours for Locations: Create custom work schedules for each branch and location

Easily Capture Employee Schedules

Work Status: Employees can create and submit work schedules in advance. They can also change their work status from Working to Not Working at any time.
Location Status: Employees can update their location status and share where they are working from (office, remote, field).
Reason Status: Employees can submit from a variety of reasons when they are not working (personal, illness, injury, parental leave etc.)

Real-time Hybrid Insights at Your Fingertips

Real Time Dashboard: See how many people in the organization are working and where they are working. Monitor trends over time or compare against historical data
Cross-Department & Location Comparisons: See how groups in your organization compare and easily rank them on attendance

Make Better Hybrid Workplace Policies With Data

Understand What Employees Want: Create workplace policy decisions, informed with employee input and preferences
Understand how they actually work: Get daily reports which show when and where employees are working

Maximize Employee Output


Do employees believe they are provided with the ability to choose where, when and how they work?

Job Satisfaction

What level of contentment do your employees feel with their job, and the impact of their job on their personal lives?


Are your employees able to target their energy and time towards the activities which yield the greatest value for your organization?


Do employees feel they are afforded a degree of autonomy and control in their day-to-day activities?

Remote Effectiveness

Are your employees able to get the same amount of work (or more) done when they are working from home, as they did in the office?

Work Tools

Do employees feel they are provided all the hardware, software, training and tools they need to be effective at their job?

A Place of Belonging That Helps Everyone Thrive

Manager Effectiveness

How do your employees feel about the ability of their manager to successfully achieve organizational goals while balancing their expectations?


Do your employees believe that by advancing their skills, traits and competencies, they will achieve greater success in the workplace?

Aligned with Values

Do you and your employees share the same priorities, attitudes and standards of behaviour in interpersonal situations?


How do employees feel about your organization’s communication quality, effectiveness and frequency.

Trust in Leadership

Do employees feel that they can rely on the judgement, capabilities and loyalties of your organizations executive leadership team?

Needs Met

Do employees feel like your organization understands and meets their individual needs?

Channel Employee Energy To Drive Growth


Do your employees feel like your organization gives them the freedom to make judgements over matters which impact them most?


What is the level of enthusiasm, creativity, commitment and energy that most of your employees bring to the organization on a daily basis?


Do your employees feel that your organization values them and their contributions to the success of their team and the company overall?


Are your employees mentally and emotionally stimulated about your organization’s stated mission?

Fit with Company

Do most employees feel welcome, accepted and that they belong in your organization?


Are your employees aligned with and supportive of why your organization’s goals are worthy of pursuit?

Commitment to Excellence

Do your employees show a higher commitment than is expected, to work harder, in the pursuit of higher standards and better outcomes?

Excitement about the Future

Do your employees feel energized, inspired and optimistic about where your organization is headed?

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