We Enable Organizations to Create The World's Most Desirable Workplaces Where Employees are Valued, Thrive and are Empowered to do Their Best Work

Let's build the future of work together

We believe wellness is intrinsically linked to the fulfilment of human potential. We help your employees be well so they can do well.

Help Organizations Meet Emerging HR Challenges: We're witnessing a massive transformation in the world of work. Employee options, needs and expectations are also shifting. Many want flexible work options. Others want to feel safer coming to the office. Some are struggling with anxiety and others are burnt out. We're building technology solutions to help organizations care for their people, so they'll be resilient enough to tackle whatever comes their way.

Simplify and Streamline: From submitting hybrid schedules to planning vacation days, calling in sick, chatting with a nurse instantly or booking a virtual consultation with a specialist--it should all be easy and simply. We're focused on making wellness tools, services and providers as easy to access as possible.

We Measure Success by Our Impact: We are driven by our mission to improve health and happiness for as many people as possible, so they can live to their fullest potential. Even though we are a business with big growth goals, ultimately, we measure our success by the positive impact we have on people's lives.
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We are Technology Innovators & Entrepreneurs

We're a seasoned group of SaaS entrepreneurs who believe in the power of technology to make a positive impact

Industry Leaders Who Support our Mission

We are humbled to have an experienced group of professionals guiding us on this journey.
Toufic Boubez
CPO & CTO - Macro Health
Praveen Varshney
Principal - Varshney Capital
Maria Pacella
Head of Investments - Pender Fund
Rob Goehring
Founder & CEO - WISR AI
Dr. Sam Gutman
Founder & CEO - Rockdoc
Amar Leekha
COO - Rockdoc

We're on a Big Mission

We are transforming how organizations procure and deliver wellness benefits to their employees--personalized, instant, accessible, smart. All without the need to build, manage and support a complex technology solution.
We are committed to the success of all our enterprise customers, users and marketplace vendors
We value viewpoint diversity and reject discrimination of any kind, against anyone, for any reason
We value honesty, creativity, courage and risk-taking. We offer autonomy & expect accountability
We work hard, have fun and try not to take life, or oursevels, too seriously

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